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(NL) Het Vriendje van de Zon, 2021

Watercolour, coloured pencil on textured cotton paper, with digital ajustments
Language: Dutch
Als op een frisse zomer ochtend in de Franse stad Avignon de zon wakker wordt is er iets eigenaardigs aan de hand... Kleur is weg! Wat is er met Kleur gebeurd? En vinden de bewoners Kleur weer terug?

(EN) When the sun wakes up on an early summer morning in the French city Avignon something peculiar is going on... Colour is gone! What happened with Colour? And will the inhabitants find colour once again?

01:39, 2021

Watercolour, gouache on textured cotton paper
Language: Dutch
01:39 is a short story about a young woman who got traumatized. However, she doesn’t remember what happened to her and instead she gets pulled back in her trauma to relive what the trauma . 

Op Mijn Netvlies, 2020

Ink on paper
Language: Dutch
This is a short story about how the media handles accidents and disasters. I reflect on a trauma from my past and how it has it’s similarities with the MH17 disaster (2014) and how the media carelessly acted, without any empathy for those involved in such traumatic events. (Only Dutch)

Due to personal matters, please contact me for the whole graphic novel.

Geen Gevoel, 2020

Acrylic paint on paper & linography.
Language: Dutch
 A book about MH17 and the lack of sensitivity in the media when a disaster occurs. Why is the media so cold-hearted when it comes to sensation? Is there really no empathy for those involved?

Flamingo, 2020

Ink and watercolour on paperLanguage: Dutch